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Topic subjectEver since Pineapple Express, Franco continues to impress.
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542346, Ever since Pineapple Express, Franco continues to impress.
Posted by jigga, Mon Nov-15-10 05:03 PM
Couldn't stand him when he was tag teamin w/ Kirsten Dunce to ruin the Spidey movies but he's found his niche lately.

I was a little worried about sittin in the front row for this show after hearin people were faintin, pukin, & seizurin but neither me nor the lady had a problem other than a few squirms in the seats. The real treat was meetin Danny Boyle & tellin him how much I've appreciated his work over the years. We had a good laugh about the Sunshine ending on all the haters behalf.

Great flick tho. Not necessarily one I'd want to see again but I'm glad I caught this when I did. Certainly ran through a gambit of emotions while watching it & immediately felt the need to spend more time with my family afterwards.