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Topic subject127 Hours (Boyle, 2010)
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539714, 127 Hours (Boyle, 2010)
Posted by ZooTown74, Fri Oct-22-10 12:47 AM
I really liked this, the story of a man who falls into a canyon and has his arm pinned by a rock

Which sounds boring as shit on paper, but isn't here, thanks to Danny Boyle's kinetic direction (Praize Whyte Direktorz!) and a fine, Oscar-caliber performance by Franco (we just usin' his last name now)

And the key word is kinetic: Boyle keeps things moving, giving even the riskier moments, such as when Aron Ralston imagines certain events in his life, a lot of energy. Sometimes they were effective, sometimes they weren't, but I never was bored.

And of course everyone will be talking about The Scene... won't spoil it here or cyse it up too much, but it was quite intense... Danny Boyle told a story about how the film was test screened in New Jersey, and when the big scene happened, the audience erupted in cheers... a jaded, L.A. audience? Not so much, just a lot of gasping and looking away by the females...

Not sure if it's going to hit on the Slumdog Millionaire, multiple-Oscar-winning level but Danny Boyle and producer Christian Colson's comments in the Q & A led me to believe that that wasn't their aim, they just wanted to take on the challenge of giving energy to a story about a man who can't move. Nicely done.



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