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503666, sigh
Posted by BigWorm, Mon Feb-15-10 05:40 PM
1. This post is obviously soon to be bombarded with ignorant Tarantino bashing and then subsequent claims towards everyone else being mad.

2. Tarantino always talks shit about his ideas for new movies for like 3-5 years before he actually makes a new movie--and that movie usually has nothing to do with any of the wild ideas he mentioned in interviews.

"I'm gonna do a prequel to Pulp Fiction about the Vega Bros."
"I'm going to do a movie like The Great Escape."
"I'm going to do a kung-fu movie in Asia with an all-Asian cast."

The Kill Bill 3 thing he's been talking about for a while now. He said it would be about Vivica Fox's character's daughter, all grown-up and out for revenge against The Bride (Uma). We'll see if it ever happens, although I'm cringing already at the thought of him writing another black female into his script (even though I warmed up to Deathproof after the second viewing, the dialogue he gives the o' girl in the last half of the movie was still embarrassingly bad).

At the end of the day, hell, no one else is making a cool movie about slavery. If he did it, he'd at least get some great actors, and probably both makes someone's career, restore someone else's career, and help one of those actors score an Oscar nomination and/or Golden Globe...