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Topic subjectwhere the wild things are
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501757, where the wild things are
Posted by theprofessional, Thu Feb-04-10 09:17 PM
even though it got generally good reviews and made box office, i think a LOT of people misunderstood this film. it's not a kid's movie, it's a movie about a kid. and all the conflicting emotions of childhood, as represented by the different "wild things" in his imagination, who each had their own personality and temperment but were all a part of him. i thought it was a masterpiece.

also, i should say that my picks in here aren't necessarily who i think should win these awards, just films and people who are getting overlooked. for example, avatar is my best picture pick and inglourious basterds is probably next after that. but those films got nominations and buzz, whereas WTWTA has gotten completely overlooked (even in the music category, which i think is egregious).