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499547, Spoilers answered
Posted by ZooTown74, Tue Jan-26-10 02:42 PM
>how did kimber & christian wind up married???

Christian asked her to marry him even though I believe she was still with Mike (Mario Lopez)... she ended up quitting Mike and getting with Christian, getting pregnant, then being persuaded to have an abortion because Christian didn't want to have any more kids...

>what's goin on w/matty???

After a brief stint as a mime robber, Matty got out of prison after Christian and Sean cut a deal with the state, where they removed some fat from a death row inmate (played by the fat "gay" guy on Modern Family) in exchange for a reduction in Matt's sentence... Sean, of course, was morally opposed to making such a deal, but Christian was all for it... Matt learned that the guy who was scheduled for the execution was actually innocent, but kept that information to himself in order to get out of prison, where he was a fellow inmates' ho... it got so bad that the inmate asked Christian and Sean to give Matt breast implants, and Matt told them to go ahead and do it... and they almost did, until Matt ended up killing the guy...


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