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Topic subjectThe Office 10/1: The Promotion
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478869, The Office 10/1: The Promotion
Posted by ZooTown74, Thu Oct-01-09 10:26 PM
come on gotdamn

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478883, Sig
Posted by Wordup, Fri Oct-02-09 01:44 AM
479403, I don't know enough about stars to refute that.
Posted by cereffusion, Mon Oct-05-09 11:10 AM
478901, Not Many LOL moments this episode, but I still though it was good
Posted by placee_22, Fri Oct-02-09 07:58 AM
I did chuckle when Michael brought Jim a "World's Greatest Boss" mug though.

And Pam getting hustled by Ryan was funny, just not LOL funny.
479008, yeah, i really liked the end with the two of them sitting together in Jim's Office.
Posted by Oakley, Fri Oct-02-09 03:00 PM
478923, not that good anymore
Posted by cereffusion, Fri Oct-02-09 09:44 AM
478943, that was extremely irritating.
Posted by duD, Fri Oct-02-09 10:44 AM
478948, This is really making Jim unlikable
Posted by OldPro, Fri Oct-02-09 11:03 AM


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478980, Yea, I don't like the direction
Posted by Tek4mula, Fri Oct-02-09 01:08 PM
This was one of the first episodes that really left a bad taste in my mouth afterwards. I generally like seeing when Jim falters a bit, the stuff with Charles was hilarious to me, but watching him turn into Michael is a bit too much. After watching Michael for so long that Jim would just fall right into that is just annoying.
479317, just a bad episode
Posted by will_5198, Sun Oct-04-09 09:12 PM
I was worried about the "dueling bosses" set-up they worked towards in last week's episode, and unfortunately it proved as annoying as I feared.
479527, It was sad...
Posted by gmltheone, Mon Oct-05-09 04:05 PM
Other creed's line, the rest was yawn inducing.

Harry is singing "High Hopes!"

You know what time it is.
479556, that was one of the worst written eps i've seen of the show
Posted by Calico, Mon Oct-05-09 06:10 PM
....i mean, i even in the show's reality, the plot didn't make ANY sense....there are branches closing all across the country and these fools are upset they may not be gettin a raise?? really?? throw all the awkward unfunny moments across the episode and it just makes for lackluster tv...
479588, i havent laughed yet this season...just saying. n/m
Posted by dgonsh, Mon Oct-05-09 08:46 PM
479591, Hopefully they will make up for this episode next week,
Posted by DJ007, Mon Oct-05-09 08:51 PM
its the wedding episode I just hope they try to make this a funny ep..lol
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