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Topic subjectGuys. The Villain has already been perfected. We need Azrael.
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464475, Guys. The Villain has already been perfected. We need Azrael.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Fri Jul-24-09 09:35 PM

As overrated as TDK was, there cannot be a villain better
than the Joker.

Can't happen.

For them to move in the direction of *any* other *villain*
would be a huge mistake.

Make it about Azrael, a far more aggressive, more violent
version of Batman.

Have him fight and kill Azrael and introduce the following

By killing Azrael, he actually makes the world better for
criminals, because Azrael scares the shit out of them and
has a lot of the crime game on lock

Problem, of course, with Azrael is that he doesn't really
fight crime the *right* way...he's full of pure vengeance
the way young Bruce was in 'Batman Begins'

It'd be the perfect way to cap off the trilogy by reintroducing
the philosophical conflicts about good and evil, and the price
you pay for a crimeless society



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