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Topic subjectHere's a good idea
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464452, Here's a good idea
Posted by jigga, Fri Jul-24-09 05:48 PM
>Bane especially.
>After years of crime fighting, Batman catches that crucial
>ass-whooping by a fucked up body builder on roids.
>Yeah, and let's get Henry Rollins for that one. Box office
>No way. Get the Penguin, Cat Woman, Riddler even Mr. Freeze.
>Anybody but Bane.
>And Azriel, there's no need. The first two Batman movies were
>already about the line between fighting crime and being a
>criminal. Introducing Azriel would just be redundant. IMO.
>Personally I think Catwoman would be the best choice.

Not sure her name was mentioned last go roud but since the scheduling conflict wouldn't allow her to be Black Widow, I hope Emily Blunt gets a shot at this if they do go that route.