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Topic subjectWait No Watchmen Director's Cut Post? Ok Here it is:
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463219, Wait No Watchmen Director's Cut Post? Ok Here it is:
Posted by Shawn Maxam, Sun Jul-19-09 10:38 PM
I know the dvd comes out Tuesday but I saw in Manhattan on Friday.

Aren't they showing it in L.A., Dallas and Chicago as well?

Anyway I liked about 2/3rds of the new footage...

At times the new footage made the pacing seem a little-bit off i.e. there were some awkward transitions etc.

Even though the film is now 3 hours long it didn't feel as long as the first time I watched...I don't know if that is because I went in prepared for a specific cinematic experience.


I though the alley way fight scene w/ dan and laurie was still awkward even though Zak inter-cut it w/ Dr. Manhattan's tv interview. I just think this scene will never really work in the movie IMO.

the original Nite Owl's death scene is pretty cool if slightly redundant in some shots of the comedienne's death.

enjoyed the CIA's scenes w/ Silk Spectre II post Manhattan's disappearance.

Still think that there are a few weird song choices i.e. Hallelujah during Owl/Spectre's love scene.


Overall I enjoyed the film much more this time. Not sure why but I must concede that Zak is talented director especially visually.