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Topic subjectNight Court's Dan Fielding Appreciation Post
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462873, Night Court's Dan Fielding Appreciation Post
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Fri Jul-17-09 08:17 AM
Has there been a television character greater than John Larroquette's Dan Fielding on Night Court? How many other characters were created from his mold (Stuart Bondek from SPin City, Barney Stinson on How I met your Mother, are the ones who immediately come to mind)? I think in general John Larroquette is an underappreciate actor. Anyone else agree?

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462881, RE: Night Court's Dan Fielding Appreciation Post
Posted by Tiggerific, Fri Jul-17-09 09:16 AM
I agree. Loved Dan Fielding :) John L. doesn't get enough shine. He's a great actor.
462885, Yep, he was great in that role
Posted by go mack, Fri Jul-17-09 09:27 AM
I also dug him in Happy Family altho only lasted a season or 2
462888, This means nothing without video...
Posted by KwesiAkoKennedy, Fri Jul-17-09 09:45 AM
462895, He stopped accepting Emmy nominations
Posted by Call It Anything, Fri Jul-17-09 10:41 AM
One of the greatest television characters ever. Night Court was a great show until it started getting weird. One of the strongest ensemble casts in history.
462922, Yeah, it did. Didn't it end with...
Posted by cskncream, Fri Jul-17-09 12:36 PM
>Night Court was a great show until it started getting weird.

...Bull leaving with aliens?
462906, You ever see The John Larroquette show?
Posted by The European Miracle, Fri Jul-17-09 11:14 AM
It was great.
462920, yes, i thought that was a great show too.
Posted by roamr1, Fri Jul-17-09 12:25 PM
463156, I do remember one ep
Posted by magilla vanilla, Sun Jul-19-09 04:19 PM
where this chick had narrowed down his biological father to JL, a musician and a politician.

There was a great line about the egg-white membrane on a fried egg. . that somehow, they both called it the yecch
462907, I just saw his episodes from West Wing this morning
Posted by MisterGrump, Fri Jul-17-09 11:16 AM
Yeah, Reinhold was a great character
463155, "Drinks. . .wih little umbrellas in them!"
Posted by magilla vanilla, Sun Jul-19-09 04:17 PM
Lionel Tribbi was the shit as White House Counsel.
463026, Larry from Threes Company better
Posted by cereffusion, Sat Jul-18-09 11:35 AM
and Herb from WKRP