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Topic subject*takes a stab*
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461758, *takes a stab*
Posted by jigga, Fri Jul-10-09 12:51 PM

AZ's The Pay Back

Tim Roth/Dutch Schultz: You're a dead fuckin nagga. YOU HEAR ME!!!...YOU'RE DEAD!!!

Laurence Fishburne/Bumpy Johnson: Get ready for your final thrill

>Usual Suspects

There's no coke (c)Ghostface right before some track on Ironman

>Delirious Eddie Murphy

De La Soul's 3ft High & Rising? "Anybody in the audience ever been hit by a car?" (I know its a Murphy line but it might not've been on Delirious)

>Saturday Night Live Don Pardo

De La Soul's 3ft High & Rising again?

>Shogun Assassin

GZA's Liquid Swords intro?


Raekwon's Criminology


I'll have to come back to this one. It's right on the tip of me tongue.