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461726, Hip-Hop Movie Sample Game
Posted by Big Chief Rumbletummy, Fri Jul-10-09 10:34 AM

This is interesting…I was just listening to a CD called “Hey That’s Funny!”. It’s a comedy compilation CD consisting of stand-up comedy routines and skits from various comedians dating from the 60’s through to the 90’s. There’s some hilarious stuff on there, a lot of stuff I’ve heard before and a lot that I hadn’t, but that’s not the impetus of this post. What’s so interesting is that on 3 straight tracks, tracks I had never heard before, there was a very recognizable (to me anyway) old school-era-to-golden age-era hip-hop sample. 3 straight tracks I got THAT feeling on.

It has been quite a while since I got that good old familiar feeling of “sample recognition”. You know that feeling? Old hip-hop heads know it, they have to. Its law somewhere in some jurisdiction. Or maybe its science. Or science law maybe. I don’t know…I’m getting ahead of myself here. Sample Recognition is that thing your brain does where as the bit that’s been sampled is playing, you stop whatever you’re doing and your head swerves upward to the right, sort of like a dog that’s caught the scent of a decidedly rancid garbage can 4 blocks away. A smile inadvertently spreads across the breadth of your face, earlobe to earlobe, and without any deliberate precognitive notion, you finish the sample by either saying it aloud or mouthing it. After the sample is completed, individual responses vary**.

So I sez to myself…”Self”, I sez…”it’s been awhile since you’ve given these philistines a game to play”. And it has. It’s been a while since I’ve handed out any Rumbletummy Phun Bux (redeemable for 2 “LOL” or 1 “LMBCRAOROFL” replies to any post***) and they are piling up around the teepee. Let’s see who’s got the chops. The rules are simple: I’ll provide a list of source material from any number of media: movies, television, albums, etc. Just not any other song samples. If you want to play, you reply with the name of either the song, the group, the actual sample, or any combination of the three. Some are quite specific while others, like Richard Pryor, Wu-Tang, & Scarface, will have oodles of mentions…but so what!??!

The poster with the most correct replies wins!****

Here goes:

Mister Roberts - National Lampoon
Gun Control – Saturday Night Live
The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress
Rebel Without A Cause (radio announcer)
Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang
Wattstax – Jesse Jackson
Wattstax – Rufus Thomas
This Is Your FBI
Usual Suspects
Two on the Road a.k.a. Fearless Dragons
Delirious – Eddie Murphy
5 Deadly Venoms
Ten Tigers From Kwantung
Bangin’ In Little Rock
The Killer
J.D.’s Revenge
Wild Style
Sesame Street – Big Bird
Hindenburg Disaster – Herbert Morrison
Saturday Night Live – Don Pardo
Shogun Assassin
Inaugural Address – John Fitzgerald Kennedy
The Education of Sonny Carson
Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment In Electronic Communication with the Dead – Unknown Woman

** = Some folks have been known to pump their fists and smile wildly, some folks have been content to smugly smirk and just nod their heads in the affirmative. Still others have been compelled to spend work time organizing posts on the internet to see who else gets giddy at this kind of shit.
*** = I reserve the right not to reply like that and might even call you nasty names.
**** = Unless they are a terrorist because then the terrorists really will have won.


Simply soothe, will move vinyl like glue
Transistors are never more shown with like
When vocal flow brings it all down in ruin
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461727, If you have any, feel free to add them
Posted by Big Chief Rumbletummy, Fri Jul-10-09 10:34 AM


Simply soothe, will move vinyl like glue
Transistors are never more shown with like
When vocal flow brings it all down in ruin
Due to a clue of a naughty noise called
Plug Tunin'
461861, Memento
Posted by jigga, Sat Jul-11-09 10:41 AM
461758, *takes a stab*
Posted by jigga, Fri Jul-10-09 12:51 PM

AZ's The Pay Back

Tim Roth/Dutch Schultz: You're a dead fuckin nagga. YOU HEAR ME!!!...YOU'RE DEAD!!!

Laurence Fishburne/Bumpy Johnson: Get ready for your final thrill

>Usual Suspects

There's no coke (c)Ghostface right before some track on Ironman

>Delirious – Eddie Murphy

De La Soul's 3ft High & Rising? "Anybody in the audience ever been hit by a car?" (I know its a Murphy line but it might not've been on Delirious)

>Saturday Night Live – Don Pardo

De La Soul's 3ft High & Rising again?

>Shogun Assassin

GZA's Liquid Swords intro?


Raekwon's Criminology


I'll have to come back to this one. It's right on the tip of me tongue.
461771, Lemme try
Posted by mrhood75, Fri Jul-10-09 01:16 PM

>Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang
Wu-Tang Clan, "Bring Da Ruckus."

>Wattstax – Jesse Jackson
Public Enemy, "Rebel Without a Cause" ("Brothers and sisters, I don't know what this world is coming to!!!")

>Wattstax – Rufus Thomas
Public Enemy, "Don't Believe the Hype" ("Now here's what I want y'all to do for me.")

>Usual Suspects
Outro to Ghostface's "Iron Man" album. ("The greatest trick the devil ever pulled...")

>Delirious – Eddie Murphy

>5 Deadly Venoms
Wu-Tang Clan's "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'" "Toad style is immensly strong..."

>The Killer
A whole bunch from Raekwon's OB4CL, but let's go with "Incarcerated Scarfaces" and "Rainy Dayz."

>J.D.’s Revenge
Ghostface's "Wildflower" ("That was the best fucking I ever had...")

>Wild Style
A whole bunch, but let's go with Nas' "The Genesis."

>Sesame Street – Big Bird
Ice Cube, "Bird in the Hand" or WC and the Maad Circle, "Ghetto Serenade" or KMD's "Trail and Error."

>Hindenburg Disaster – Herbert Morrison
Ice Cube, "The Bomb."

>Saturday Night Live – Don Pardo
Paris, "This is a Test."

>Shogun Assassin
GZA, "Liquid Swords" intro

Like, the entire Geto Boys discography. Let's go with "Fuck 'Em" for now.

Compton's Most Wanted, "Def Wish II." "You got out line, you got wacked, everyone knew the deal." Also, Styles of Beyond, "Be Your Dog." ("I gotta come home to this shit!" "I'm sooorrrryyyyy!!!!")

>Inaugural Address – John Fitzgerald Kennedy
3rd Bass, "Words of Wisdom."

>The Education of Sonny Carson
A bunch of Ghostface's "Iron Man" album, including the intro to "Iron Maiden," "260," and "All I Got is You." Common also used it for "Bitch in Yoo." ("Sucka think he could whup me!!!")
461780, I got a couple...
Posted by disco dj, Fri Jul-10-09 02:27 PM
>The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress

"Funky Dividends" -Three Times Dope

>Wattstax – Jesse Jackson

"Rebel Without a Pause" - PE

>Wattstax – Rufus Thomas

"Don't Believe the Hype"- PE

>Wild Style

"New York State of Mind" - Nas

>Shogun Assassin

I forget the track name, but the Intro to "Liquid Swords"


shit, who HASN'T sampled it...

>Inaugural Address – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Some 3rd Bass song. I think it was "Wordz of Wisdom"

461792, Well done so far you guys, very well done
Posted by Big Chief Rumbletummy, Fri Jul-10-09 04:27 PM

No winner yet so far. I'll give you guys some hints with the following:

>Mister Roberts - National Lampoon
>Gun Control – Saturday Night Live
>Rebel Without A Cause (radio announcer)
>Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang
>This Is Your FBI
>Two on the Road a.k.a. Fearless Dragons
>Delirious – Eddie Murphy
>5 Deadly Venoms
>Ten Tigers From Kwantung
>Bangin’ In Little Rock
>Wild Style
>Saturday Night Live – Don Pardo>Inaugural Address – John Fitzgerald Kennedy>Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment In Electronic
>Communication with the Dead – Unknown Woman
461900, Chuckie-Fresh
Posted by El_Pistolero, Sat Jul-11-09 06:21 PM
461901, Can you guys help me out w/one?
Posted by El_Pistolero, Sat Jul-11-09 06:23 PM
I've heard it in both a Quasimoto and Beastie Boys album ( I think). It goes something like this:

"If I knew it was this kinda party I would stuck my dick in the potato salad!"
462711, Animaniacs/Hieroglyphics - 'Oakland Blackouts'
Posted by Numba_33, Thu Jul-16-09 10:18 AM
I have no idea which episode it was, but the sample is from the German sounding doctor character that would sometimes get antagonized by the Wacko, Yakko, and Dot characters on the show. The vocal sample is of course the little blurb that comes on at the beginning of the track. I was stunned when the cartoon was playing the background to whatever I was doing and I recognized the sample. And I'm more than certain the track pre-dates when the Animaniacs show was re-released on DVD, which means that Domino or whoever in Hiero had to have recorded that on VHS to get the sample for the song.
462747, Hieroglyphics sample on Del's "Eye Examination"
Posted by Big Chief Rumbletummy, Thu Jul-16-09 12:58 PM

"What means this?" - from a 70's Ralph Bakshi cartoon


Simply soothe, will move vinyl like glue
Transistors are never more shown with like
When vocal flow brings it all down in ruin
Due to a clue of a naughty noise called
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