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Topic subjectI was not expecting how the film ended
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453589, I was not expecting how the film ended
Posted by handle, Tue May-26-09 04:25 PM
As a 19 year old white kid, seeing the film alone in a theater which was only 30% full, but at least 70% black - the tension was *high*.

The experience was viseral. When Radio Raheem got choked out I almost blacked out, and when Mookie picked up that garbage can, and then through it into the glass window - I completely flipped out. I felt like I was inside the pizzeria as it was burning. It was intense.

I didn't know who to empathsize with, or who was right and who was wrong. I came away from the movie thinking that everyone was wrong - and that everythone thought they were right.

I always felt that Mookie did the wrong thing - for what he felt were the right reasons. I didn't really understand Sal - I have a feeling Mookie and Sal didn't really understand each other.

It prompted more than a few race relation discussions back in 1989, that's for sure.