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448974, Responses/consigns/Attempts at answers
Posted by spades, Thu Apr-30-09 09:39 AM
>What I Liked:
> * What a great episode! Definitely one of the best of the
>season and probably will make the top 15 episodes of Lost
> * Jeremy Davies gave an amazing performance and I hope if
>isn’t overlooked come Emmy time. From his confidence as he
>tried to get his plan moving to the look on his face when he
>realized everything he believed was wrong and he was betrayed
>by the person he loved the most (finally someone on the show
>has mommy issues)

Yeah, man, he NAILED that death scene. It really stuck w/me.

> * The scene between Daniel and young Charlotte was
>touching (although it’s sad that adult Charlotte remember him
>as some crazy man)

SMH, I was really kinda disappointed by that. He SWORE he wasn't gonna do it, AND if his aim really was to change thigns, WHY follow in ur footsteps?

> * The look on Juliet’s face when Sawyer called Kate
>“Freckles” and how quickly she gave her the code for the sonic
>fence like “Time to go, bitch”

Loved that, love Juliet, and I LOVED that she still took his hand to get up off the couch. Juliet is my kind of girl!!

> * Desmond lived!

Knew it all the time, I ain't never scared!

> * Confirmation that Charles Widmore was Daniel’s father

Again, KNEW it. Who else would it be.

> * As everything started to fall apart, LaFleur slowly
>turned back into Sawyer with the nicknames
> * Jack is out of the weed haze he’s been in since heading
>back to the island and is actively involved again

Loved the line Sawyer shot him - "When you realize you've made a huge mistake..." LaFluer is STILL in effect. He's so much more sure of himself. He, John and Jin are the ONLY characters to show any damned growth on the show, no wonder they're my favorites!

> * The shootout with Radzinsky (even though we know he’s
>going to blow his brains out in the Hatch, I wish he could die

I HATE that dude!

> * The final scene was just…WOW. Faraday didn’t just get
>shot, his whole world imploded on him looking into his young
>mother’s eyes and Davies played it perfectly.

> * Now, despite how great an episode this is, I’m concerned
>if this is the endgame - altering the past to change the
>future. I don’t think is (we still have another season to go
>plus the people in the present) but I really hope that’s not
>how everything gets resolved.
2ndly WHY would Jack flip so quick from wanting to get back to wanting to go?

Why would Kate want to prevent the crash, she was on her way to prison.

>Lines of the Night:
> * “I can make time” - Young Daniel to his mother

That was a little tough.

> * “The women in your life will be terribly hurt” - Eloise
>to Daniel regarding his future love life

I think she was talking about herself too.

> * “Uh, do you have something for a beginner” - Daniel to
>Kate while she was handing out guns

That was cute.

> * You knew. You always knew, but you sent me here anyway.”
>“Who are you?” “I’m your son” - Daniel and Eloise after she
>shot him
Again, wow wow wow - great scene.

> * Why did Eloise pressure Daniel to become a great
>physicist and send him to the island knowing she was going to
>shoot him when she could have prevented? Was she hoping that
>he would be able to change things?

Nah I think it was all in the interests of making sure everything that happened ACTUALLY happens.

> * Why did Widmore send Daniel to the island for that


> * Does this mean that Daniel is wrong about variables and

I believe so.

> * Does this mean that the attempt to set off Jughead also
>falls under the category of “what happened, happened”?


> * Is Daniel’s confession about his (and Miles’) true
>nature to Dr. Chang the reason he sends his wife and son away
>off the island?
> * Did Ben know that Daniel was Widmore’s son?

Doubt it. Before his time.

> * Why doesn’t Eloise know what is going to happen next
>anymore? Has Daniel already altered things by involving

She's been dealing w/info from the 1970's. The point when everyone esle goes back to the island was the end of her knowledge base.