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Topic subjectI really liked "American Splendor"
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428644, I really liked "American Splendor"
Posted by Walleye, Thu Jan-22-09 12:08 AM
My dad met Charlie Wilson a few times and was able to augment the film "Charlie Wilson's War" with a hilarious Crocodile Dundee-esque story of him trying to explain the difference between an actual weapon and a WWI replica gun by bringing some absurdly dangerous machine gun into a bureaucrat's office. So that was pretty cool.

I liked "The Libertine" and "Shadow of the Vampire". And that's it.

The category "biopic" works as a kind of double filter because in order for me to actually enjoy one it has to a)be a decent movie and b)be about somebody I give a shit about. Maybe it's a filmmaker's job to make me care about somebody by making a decent movie, but some famous people are just too boring for a proper story. Getting me to care about the life of any post-Civil War (theirs, obviously, not ours) British Monarch is definitely an uphill battle. My mom wouldn't leave me alone about "The Queen" but it just looked super dull.