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Topic subjectLOL You're a dipshit.
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428631, LOL You're a dipshit.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Wed Jan-21-09 10:53 PM
>I say this because I read the book first, and the film took
>WAAAAAAY too many liberties with casting and plot points.

Okay. Thankfully I don't give a fuck what the book said,
because I'm not watching the book, I'm watching a movie.

>FIRST of all Chris Gardner is VERY dark, and that played an
>important part in his development and all the shit he went
>through. So they cast Will Smith to play him?

Because Will Smith knows how to portray enjoyable
characters, just the way they should be in movies.

You don't go to heaven for making the characters the
*same* way they are in books.

The only measure of goodness is how much people like
the fucking movie, and people liked the movie a lot.

So please, shush.

>SECOND, his wife was very dark as well. In fact, he referred
>to her as his "dark Goddess". So what does Hollywood do? Cast
>a light skinned British chick.

Oh, okay. Now you're being a dumbass activist.

Because the wife was mad gritty and troubled in the movie,
and it was perfect.

Whether she was dark skinned or not is irrelevant.

She was excellent in that role.

>Also, she was a nurse, not some
>chick that worked in a Hotel. ( I STILL don't know where they
>got THAT from)

Wow. I mean, that detail definitely ruined the movie.

Jesus what a dipshit you are.

>Finally, the best parts of his life ( the parts that led to
>his development as a man and a as a father) are the parts when
>he was a kid in Milwaukee and in The Navy. Yet the book only
>focuses on about a year or so. And the kid in the book was
>MUCH younger than Will's kid...

Okay, but movies can't tell entire lives. And I liked how
they focused on the trial of fatherhood and what he dealt
with raising his son. That's exactly what made the fucking
movie good. If they included all these details about his
childhood, they'd have to cut out some of the other details
none of which could be sacrificed, because it would ruined
a coherent, well told story.

Seriously, shut up.

No one cares about the book.

The movie was enjoyable.

Just shush and be made.