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Topic subject"Pursuit of Happyness" was a steaming pile of Goat Feces...
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428605, "Pursuit of Happyness" was a steaming pile of Goat Feces...
Posted by disco dj, Wed Jan-21-09 07:50 PM
I say this because I read the book first, and the film took WAAAAAAY too many liberties with casting and plot points.

FIRST of all Chris Gardner is VERY dark, and that played an important part in his development and all the shit he went through. So they cast Will Smith to play him?

*thumbs down*

SECOND, his wife was very dark as well. In fact, he referred to her as his "dark Goddess". So what does Hollywood do? Cast a light skinned British chick. Also, she was a nurse, not some chick that worked in a Hotel. ( I STILL don't know where they got THAT from)

*TWO thumbs down*

Finally, the best parts of his life ( the parts that led to his development as a man and a as a father) are the parts when he was a kid in Milwaukee and in The Navy. Yet the book only focuses on about a year or so. And the kid in the book was MUCH younger than Will's kid...