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Topic subjectI respect your post, but you're mostly wrong.
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428578, I respect your post, but you're mostly wrong.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Wed Jan-21-09 06:00 PM

>Bardem's Before Night Falls and The Sea Inside and Don's
>Hotel Rwanda and Talk to Me are better IMO.

Rwanda wasn't a biopic of Rusesabagina's(sp?) life.

It was about a single conflict. Not really the same.

And I can't honestly say its *better* than GRODT. Cheadler
was magnificent, but just because its about something that
caring people like doesn't mean its actually a better movie.

Before Night Falls was not better.

>I'd also nominate: The Pianist, The Motorcycle Diaries, The
>Pursuit of Happyness, Milk, and La Vie en Rose for this

I'll give you Motorcycle Diaries(maybe).

Pursuit of Happyness wasn't really a biopic, because
it didn't cover much ground. It was about a single
conflict, really. It wasn't really better than GRODT,
really. Will Smith was phenomenal, and it had great
scenes, but front to back it wasn't better.

Just because it had the mushy factor don't make it

Again - GRODT public perception is crafted by the fact
that people don't like 50 Cent, rather than how good
the movie was.

>Not sure where I stand on these (well some of them I know I
>don't like) but I'd bet the following would get some latte
>love and cappuccino caresses: Chopper, Erin Brockovich,
>Lumumba, Pollock, Ali, Blow, Antwone Fisher, Auto Focus,
>Frida, American Splendor, Monster, Finding Neverland, The
>Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The
>Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Cadillac Records.

'Finding Neverland?'


That was 95% fiction, doggie. AND it fucking sucked.

Most of these were NOT better, and most aren't even

Antwoine Fisher? LOL. No.

Eric Brokovich? Meh. Maybe as good. Certainly not

Lamumba? 4 people saw it. And just because its about
a revolutionary leader don't mean its better.

>I might actually got with the Don/Bardem films and then
>Motorcycle Diaries for my five.



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