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Topic subjectGRDT was a solid movie
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428502, GRDT was a solid movie
Posted by jambone, Wed Jan-21-09 02:28 PM
it got panned because 50 was in it, and that time 50 was the number #1 villain. everybody wanted to see him fail

it was aight movie, worth checking out.

the only slight back was that you already knew his story by the time it was released....to the point you were habituated by it. it had been only 2 years since his debut where the world knew who he was. 50 and his life were a walking movie up until that time.

so in essence, 50's overexposure hurt the film from a hate-standpoint and just a general interest standpoint.

50 did an adequte job of acting. much like Cube and Latifah. Raw talents who made a good transition from rapping to acting by not overdoing it in the film, and just stay within their bounds and pull it off (unlike others like Ludacris and LL Cool J).

and the other supporting actors like Terrance Howard (who was great and funnny in it) and the cat from Oz held the movie down as well.

i also liked the angle they worked about 50 always wanted the father that he never had to rescue him, until he finally realized, 50 himself, not the father he never had, could do it. that was tight.

i'd also agree with the fact that GRDT was better than that sh*t-box Ray and the dreadful Ali.

solid movie that got a bad rap (no pun).