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Topic subjectGet Rich or Die Trying = top 5 biopic of the last decade
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428485, Get Rich or Die Trying = top 5 biopic of the last decade
Posted by Orbit_Established, Wed Jan-21-09 01:26 PM

At least the last decade. Perhaps longer.

The fact that 50 was in it makes it even better, actually.
With 50 in it, there is no bullshit pretentious wannabe Oscar
award winner starring as the figure talking about:

"OMG I, like, had to take 8 months and like, totally immerse
myself in the character. I, like, wore (blank)'s clothes, ate the
same food he ate, fucked all the same girls he fucked, everything.
I really wanted to BE (blank)."

Having 50 in it takes the latte out of the film and allows us
to focus on the STORY which is actually tremendous. The direction
was top notch. The characters? Compelling.

In summary, GRODT is better, or much better than:

Ray, Man on the Moon, The Johnny Cash one, Ali, Pollock,
W, Basketball Diaries(more than a decade ago, but still),
Lots of others

About as good or not quite as good as: Beautiful Mind(better
than GRODT), Boogie Nights(about as good), Talk to Me(better
than GRODT)

Now, precisely how mad does this make you?

And how hard are you going to fight this one?


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