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Topic subjectyou make the movie: Vampire Parliament
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422903, you make the movie: Vampire Parliament
Posted by Binlahab, Tue Dec-23-08 11:50 AM
mankind has been attacked by some alien virus resulting in ppl needing to feast on their fellow humans blood to survive.

the few non vampires left go deep underground, while those who have been turned (lets say vamp blood isnt as fulfilling) have to go to incredible lengths to find those w/ clean blood to eat

one brave old vampire who remembers what its like to be normal finds an orphaned regular human & takes her (has to be a her so she can grow up into a STACKED adult vampire hunter, my fellow nerds can feel me on this)

one day young girl is chilling when her adult benefactor busts in...OH NO! Vamp Society has found her out! SHE MUST RUN! he sacrifices himself to give her some time (her own....PERSONAL! vampire jesus! someone to be her friend! someone who cares!)
...& she runs! RUNS FAR AWAY!

and results in killing her 1st vamp

& she realizes...she likes it. and is good @ it

& realizes what she must do


OE, TELL me u wouldnt go see that, dog! ACT LIKE U WOULDNT BE THERE FOR THAT SHIT!

<----- come 1/109 this is how im doing GD