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Topic subjectThe Brief Wondrous life of Oscar Wao
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398364, The Brief Wondrous life of Oscar Wao
Posted by El_Pistolero, Sat Aug-30-08 03:11 AM
I read this a couple of months ago and it was so damn entertaining! Has anybody else read this?
398387, RE: The Brief Wondrous life of Oscar Wao
Posted by OKScholar, Sat Aug-30-08 01:38 PM
amazing fucking book...i am dominican and have allthough not as fantastical, similar experiences. Then it takes that and makes it amazing. They are working on the screen play now to convert it to screen. Also my boy (he who will not be named but won a tony and freestyled his accpetance speech.hint hint) is doing the audio book.

Junot Diaz....heres hoping hes a lil bit of inspiration for dominican writers...
398436, Word? A movie?
Posted by El_Pistolero, Sat Aug-30-08 07:14 PM
I don't know about that.

402020, RE: Word? A movie?
Posted by OKScholar, Wed Sep-17-08 05:37 PM
yeah its really early in the game but it is definitely in the works...it will be a tough adaptation but can be really really ill.
398393, I loved this book.
Posted by Hitokiri, Sat Aug-30-08 02:07 PM
The whole time I was thinking, "This needs to be a movie."
I haven't enjoyed a book that much in a long time.

Is Drown worth checking out?
398437, drown is different, but def worth reading
Posted by iago, Sat Aug-30-08 07:16 PM
402423, i picked it up today along with like 12 other mustreads
Posted by rob, Fri Sep-19-08 12:18 AM
i had a nerdgasm deciding which to read first.
398468, hmmm I'll check it out. I've been feenin to read a book
Posted by Jru, Sat Aug-30-08 09:45 PM
398474, RE: The Brief Wondrous life of Oscar Wao
Posted by Vaiops2wega, Sat Aug-30-08 10:21 PM
One of the best modern books ever. A lot of people complained that they couldn't understand all that Spanish slang but I speak Spanish so I don't care
398604, you don't need to understand the Spanish to appreciate it.
Posted by iago, Sun Aug-31-08 04:19 PM
the Spanish is helpful, but he directly translates most of the important information, and most of the rest is color that you can figure out from the context.
398609, i've been debating whether the spanish or nerd stuff provides more depth
Posted by rob, Sun Aug-31-08 04:41 PM
honestly, yeah, you can get the story without them, but the images (at least in the case) and associations we can have with the words make for better ready.

i'm nearly fluent in spanish and even more so in nerd, but my context for the nerdery is much closer to the story (never been to any islands, don't know many from them other than some time in miami and philly, but i know a lot about history and mexico/central america). but of course he doesn't go and explain all the fantasy shit.

so i dunno.

398648, RE: i've been debating whether the spanish or nerd stuff provides more depth
Posted by El_Pistolero, Sun Aug-31-08 06:26 PM
No, I think you need it..especially the nerd stuff.
398852, i think the nerd stuff is a lot more necessary.
Posted by iago, Mon Sep-01-08 08:21 PM
but even without an extensive knowledge of it, you can get a lot of the ideas.
398737, it was like in A Clockwork Orange
Posted by jasonprague, Mon Sep-01-08 04:42 AM
after reading about 50 pages you start to understand what the words mean. i didn't have any problems (after seeing them a few times) understanding the meaning.

398553, loved it and Drown as well
Posted by jasonprague, Sun Aug-31-08 12:57 PM

398664, Really good book. I wonder how they're going to adapt it, though
Posted by ZooTown74, Sun Aug-31-08 07:43 PM
Seems like it would be difficult doing it as a straight narrative...
<-- Willie Gold... a real American.
398853, it's gonna be awfully hard to adapt.
Posted by iago, Mon Sep-01-08 08:22 PM
i think they're going to have to focus on certain parts and lose big chunks of what makes it so good.
398786, RE: The Brief Wondrous life of Oscar Wao
Posted by bluedutchess, Mon Sep-01-08 02:32 PM
An excellent read. I couldn't get into Drown, but this one had my attention from the beginning.

Reading it made me wish I spoke spanish because at some points i felt like i was missing something, but eventually i caught on to the meaning of the spanish words.

I don't know if i would want to see a movie. The book is a little to painful and uncomfortable to see on the screen.
401248, i think they'd fuck it up as a movie
Posted by SankofaII, Fri Sep-12-08 09:56 PM
but as a miniseries on HBO, that could work...

who's writing the script? hopefully, they got someone of color to do it...

i think i'd have to hurl if i saw "Written by Akiva Goldsman or William Goldman...." you get my point.
401251, after reading the first half
Posted by gusto, Fri Sep-12-08 10:06 PM
i love it

the girl's little brother in Raising Vic Vargas is kinda who i picture Oscar to look/act like.
401280, I work with a dude that looks like what I picture Oscar would look like
Posted by El_Pistolero, Sat Sep-13-08 03:59 AM
401311, I was driving and saw Oscar Wao
Posted by Hitokiri, Sat Sep-13-08 12:43 PM
Right before I finished the book a few months ago, I was driving and stopped at a stop light and I swear Oscar crossed the street. This kid looked so much like Oscar that I had to immediately text my homegirl who was reading the book too at the time.
402176, Haven't Read That But...
Posted by Billi D., Thu Sep-18-08 01:13 PM
I have read "Drown" also by Junot Diaz. A wonderful expose on growing up poor in rural DR but also the trials and struggles faced by emigrating families from DR to the US.

One of my old instructors, Achy Obejas, has also been rumored to be translating The Brief and Wonderful Life...into Spanish.
402181, Beautiful book. Would rather have them leave a movie alone.
Posted by RandomFact, Thu Sep-18-08 01:31 PM
I just can't see that turning out well for some reason.


402310, really good book
Posted by JBoogs, Thu Sep-18-08 06:05 PM

I've traveled far and wide through many different times...
402352, I really need to read this. It's next on my list of books to read.
Posted by ansomble, Thu Sep-18-08 08:41 PM
402376, get to it man!
Posted by lfresh, Thu Sep-18-08 10:02 PM

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402422, how weird, just bought it today.
Posted by Orula, Fri Sep-19-08 12:07 AM
i'll add my opinion shortly.


402558, great book!
Posted by mayn1, Fri Sep-19-08 11:26 AM
i read it in two days.


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403091, book of the year!
Posted by reuser, Mon Sep-22-08 08:53 AM

i haven't enjoyed a book this much in years.

having read 'the feast of the goat' by llosa a while ago, it was really interesting to get a completely contrasting perspective on that book and its presentation of the 'truth'.

junot diaz is a legend.
406117, holyfuckthisshitisfantastic
Posted by duD, Sat Oct-04-08 12:41 AM
i'm thirty pages in.


i almost threw the book across the room at the half reference to ray bradbury's venus story.


i had never even heard of this book before.

i went to the store to buy another copy of the confederacy of dunces and picked this up instead.

how the fuck do you not have a confederacy of dunces?
406151, I like how he takes the angle of The Watcher
Posted by KangolLove, Sat Oct-04-08 09:43 AM
That hits close to home.
409808, Just finished today
Posted by Frank Mackey, Thu Oct-23-08 04:37 PM
The whole time I envisioned Oscar looking like this guy. He does radio up in Boston (104.1 WBCN). Somebody else has to know who he is.


409835, lol adolfo
Posted by crow, Thu Oct-23-08 06:00 PM
464137, Dude that is SO Oscar.
Posted by spades, Thu Jul-23-09 11:31 AM
409867, reading now. enjoying, but we'll see.
Posted by cheapskeight, Thu Oct-23-08 08:20 PM
409876, Just got finished with Chapter 2....
Posted by rorschach, Thu Oct-23-08 09:10 PM
That's probably one of the best chapters I've read in any book in a long time.

I picked it up last week but it has been sitting around since then so I'll probably try to see if I can knock it out by next week.


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409887, wait for chapter 3.
Posted by iagoali, Thu Oct-23-08 09:45 PM
i wasn't able to pick the book up for a week after reading that.
it killed me.
410259, That was like an entire movie's worth on its own....(SPOILER)
Posted by rorschach, Sun Oct-26-08 02:48 AM
The canefield passage...wow. The fact that it would be too much to describe the violence is heartbreaking. And she got up after that?

But what messed with me was the fact that she allowed the Gangster to see her again after all of that.

And I think the fact that there was only about one page about Oscar and Lola's father says a lot about that guy without saying anything at all.

The OKP® King of the Late Pass™
409896, its pretty much awesome.
Posted by woe.is.me., Thu Oct-23-08 10:04 PM
best new author ive come across in a while.
i actually didnt like 'drown' that much.
his novel is a vast improvement.
410258, he's speaking at columbia on nov 7th ($15)
Posted by gusto, Sun Oct-26-08 02:22 AM
for charity. im going.
464138, LOVED this book
Posted by spades, Thu Jul-23-09 11:32 AM
I got delayed on my connection flight back from Cabo and read this shit while travelling home.


I can wait to see what he writes next.

Thanks Ike.
677214, So I met the real life oscar wao last week. Here is his short film.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Tue Apr-22-14 08:09 PM

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677290, crazy
Posted by astralblak, Thu Apr-24-14 02:17 PM
Def how I visualized Oscar. Shit even this kid's depression is similar to Oscar's

it's also hello funny how African, Spaniard, Indigenous colonial bloodlines created the nappy headed light bright red nigga. I have two boys with that phenotype. Dense packed red curls, freckles and light skin. One is Puerto Rican and White. They Other is Half Black half White
677221, This nigga stay eating at the same restaurants as me
Posted by Orbit_Established, Wed Apr-23-14 08:56 AM

I be seeing him biking around too

He's a funny nigga, be putting white people in they
place at public readings


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677291, Junot gives not one fuck about white folks feelings at readings
Posted by astralblak, Thu Apr-24-14 02:18 PM