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Topic subjectYou know a Batman movie has failed in some way
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388053, You know a Batman movie has failed in some way
Posted by buckshot defunct, Mon Jul-21-08 11:45 AM
When the villains get all the memorable scenes, and the title character gets in a fight with some dogs. Twice.

I'm not calling TDK a failure by any means... but I do feel like Nolan's approach isn't quite the bullseye many make it out to be. Making Gotham City, as opposed to Bruce Wayne, to be the core of the mythos is a unique way of going about things but in my opinion it hasn't made for a great film just yet. Batman continues to be the least compelling thing in this franchise.

But all things considered, my GOD have these flicks come a long way. I caught a few minutes of Batman Forever while channel surfing Sunday afternoon... shameful.