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Topic subjectThose 3 action scenes are fantastic
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387838, Those 3 action scenes are fantastic
Posted by DrNO, Sun Jul-20-08 07:29 PM
like, the best I've seen since Spider-Man 3. Nothing in The Dark Knight comes at all close to them.

You're forgetting that Ironman also had a brilliant supporting cast and they were given more to work with. Their characters had personalities instead of ideologies like those in The Dark Knight.

And yes RDJ was great in it but that was only a part of it (and it was part of it, why postulate what it would have been without him? Can we presume what it would be if Daniel Day Lewis was the star?). The Dark Knight would be an utter mess without Ledger.

Ironman might lack charm without RDJ but Favreau knows how to work with actors and the script is much tighter than that of DK, which is an epic but being an epic isn't a signifier of quality (watch Alexander).