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Topic subjectTDK, because I don't care about TONY STARK without that armor
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387786, TDK, because I don't care about TONY STARK without that armor
Posted by Torez the Judge, Sun Jul-20-08 04:50 PM
Offbreak, the main idea that BRUCE WAYNE is just the mask that BATMAN wears is doper than TONY STARK's character.

Two, BATMAN'S family - and the eventual danger we know they will all get pulled into - adds a more compelling element to that story.

Three, BATMAN'S relationship to GOTHAM adds another.

Four, his rogue's gallery is so much doper to me than Iron Man's. Besides THE MANDARIN, everybody else that remains seems like a basic 2-D marvel hero of the week (firebrand, titanium man, living dynamo, etc.)

Really, the only thing left that compels me about IRONMAN is his relationship to the AVENGERS and CAPTAIN AMERICA. But that's a ways off.

In the meantime, a shallow, swashbuckling playboy rocking a cross between THE GUYVER and miniature MACROSS armor just doesn't move me.

(But then, IRONMAN never did)