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Topic subjectnah...without RDJ the movie sucked
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387766, nah...without RDJ the movie sucked
Posted by gluvnast, Sun Jul-20-08 03:23 PM
lets be real, if we can...i personally LOVE ironman, but we all know that it lacked action (only 3 three action sequences, and all of them being subpar in comparison to the average action flick), the performances of everybody else NOT named robert downey jr, were basic at best, even though paltrow's chemistry with RDJ was rather good, and it pretty much ran like a typical origin superhero movie...whut made it good close to superb was RDJ as stark...that's ALL

whereas, the dark knight was truely an epic movie...even if you scrap ledger's performance which was the tipping of the iceberg it was STILL an epic movie...but the score, the intelligent script, the performances of the costars of eckhart, oldman, freeman, caine, the perfect chemistry between batman & joker, and the uncomfortable feeling that ANYTHING could happen...that movie easily exceeds ironman

it's better to compare ironman to batman begins....in which i would of said it was a tie