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Topic subjectI don't even bother to break it down like that.
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387354, I don't even bother to break it down like that.
Posted by James Peach, Sat Jul-19-08 09:24 AM
I just do it like this: which one will I pop in first if I have to choose?

Batman Begins.

Here's the thing with Iron Man. #1 it's very fun, but the fun leads to a lot of predictability. Also, once he's IRON MAN, Tony's mistakes aren't really moral, they're technical.

Batman's character is so much more interesting to me because I identify with it more. He spends his whole life trying to fix something that he blames himself for, that was never his fault in the first place. Most of us deal with that on some level.

As far as TDK, it's just incredible what they have the characters showing us. I was talking with a guy at work yesterday about the movie (he hadn't seen it yet) and he said, "Well, at least I know going in that the Joker loses, Batman wins." I told him that's all a matter of perspective. Because, really, to me, Joker won. It's a stalemate at best.

No other superhero movie has given us that depth. I don't NEED a movie do be "deep" to enjoy it, but if I'm pitting two movies against each other, the depth is gonna be a factor in which I prefer.

It's like if Harry Potter were just about kids using magic, it just wouldn't be as good as it is.