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Topic subjectGolden Door (Emanuele Crialese, 2006); edit
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383267, Golden Door (Emanuele Crialese, 2006); edit
Posted by Sponge, Wed Jul-02-08 04:47 PM

A story set in the early 1900s of a man and his family leaving Sicily for America. We see some Sicilian cultural details (Scorsese's DVD intro talks about it better than I ever could). We see the process of immigration before leaving for America, the voyage, and arrival. In regards to the Ellis Island sequence, the director did research and took info from letters and journals. Anyone who found The Godfather Part 2's Ellis Island sequences interesting would definitely love this movie.

It was shot and lensed by one of the greatest cinematographers alive Agnes Godard. There are instances of impressionistic flourishes and imagined/fantasy sequences. Easily contains some of the most memorable images since 2000 and one of the most moving, visceral scenes of characters singing and playing music I've seen. Stellar cast and performances. Well-written. Empathetic characters. Lots of heart. Very funny at times.

See it.