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Topic subjectName an overlooked movie since '00 you want people to see
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383254, Name an overlooked movie since '00 you want people to see
Posted by dunk, Wed Jul-02-08 04:03 PM
basically, the movie you thought was great, amazing, etc. but not many people saw it due to limited release or whatever. I say 2000 just so we dont name every movie under the sun. tell us why you love it & why we should watch it.

For me, "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints". Shia LeBouf shows serious acting chops for the first time imo in a drama and Channing Tatum gives his best performance in his career and shows he shouldn't be in shitty "Step Up" movies and should be doing serious roles. first time i saw Melonie Diaz (caught her in Be Kind Rewind recently)and she's great in her part and looking good. Chazz Palminteri is amazing as Shia's dad as well.

Downey Jr. & Rosario Dawson do well in their small roles and the story is just amazing cause its a true life story told in an unconventional way. i talk about the actors alot cause its a movies focused on its characters. One of the best since '00.