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Topic subjectNo, I've been going by your logic as well
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369057, No, I've been going by your logic as well
Posted by SoulHonky, Mon May-05-08 03:30 PM
>Well because it is illogical man. I wasn't trying to
>objectify or convert anyone into thinking my opinion is right.
>I was just saying that yes, to a certain extent he was trying
>to make a "bad" film.
>But you keep trying to get me to go a long with your line of
>thinking. Well don't agree that it came off as "bad", so it's
>hard for me to get into that with you in the first place.

I keep going by your logic as well and you still ignore my points.

If it came off as bad because he meant to, it's still boring thus not the bad he intended. If he thought, as he has said time and again, that he didn't think grindhouse movies were bad and wrote what he considered his best script, then it's even worse since it was a tedious bad movie.

Unless you are saying that he was really trying to make a bad, boring movie, I'm not sure how I'm trying to bend you to my line of thinking.