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Topic subjectI fucking loved both Planet Terror AND Death Proof.
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368506, I fucking loved both Planet Terror AND Death Proof.
Posted by McDeezNuts, Fri May-02-08 09:56 PM
And despite all the QT hate going on in this very thread, I liked Death Proof better. And my wife definitely did.

My ratings:
Death Proof = A
Planet Terror = A-
Grindhouse as a whole = A+

Grindhouse was one of my favorite movie experiences of the year, that's for damn sure. I loved both movies, the trailers, the whole idea.

I'm sure I'll be labeled a QT fanboy but I just thought Death Proof was dope as fuck. Planet Terror was also very fucking cool. I'd have to see them again to really remember why I preferred DP...

I'm waiting for a Grindhouse DVD set that puts the two movies together (with trailers and all) just as they were shown in theaters - if that ever happens. But I've also been waiting on the deluxe Kill Bill set for way too fucking long now, so who knows.

And for the record, I don't think the Grindhouse movies were meant to be "bad" movies - I think they were meant to be in a low-budget style evocative of the old grindhouse days.

Both were brilliantly done, I say.

Hate away.