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Topic subjectRE: Except Tarantino has said he didn't want it to be cheesy
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368499, RE: Except Tarantino has said he didn't want it to be cheesy
Posted by Key, Fri May-02-08 09:10 PM
I said one thing that made it seem that way and for real I was just sort of joking. I don't think he intended to piss off his audience.

Since we are on Okayplayer I'll use a Roots analogy to give another example of where I'm coming from. See ?uest's feelings on the "no charisma" criticism of black thought. A bit unfair when Black Thought is DECIDEDLY deadpan with his delivery. I don't think he's trying to exempt him from criticism at all, just *seemingly* ignorant criticism.

The thing that is pissing me off here is that I think you do know where I'm coming from and you are just pretending or twisting some unknown quote to mean the opposite. Come on man the only fucking thing I'm saying is that yes he was trying to make certain parts of the film "sub par" or "b-rated". And I mean I think the film speaks for itself. You can't just have purposefully bad edits and not expect some purposefully bad dialog and or acting. And a failure to address this when trying to criticize makes you *look* ignorant. And notice all my name calling has contingencies. If you think this you are - mainly because I know you guys don't think that he was trying to make an A-Rated contemporary film.