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Topic subjectI have no idea what you mean
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368426, I have no idea what you mean
Posted by SoulHonky, Fri May-02-08 04:41 PM
>Well I don't see many people criticizing it based on the
>effect he wanted to get out of the audience. Which I think is
>a great way to criticize someone. It seems like I see people
>throwing around this "genius" shit like he was trying to make
>his next Pulp Fiction or something. When it couldn't be any
>more obvious that he wasn't trying to make a great film in
>that sense.

People wanted to see an entertaining movie. Even if it was dumb like Planet Terror. Instead, Tarantino delivered a mind-numbingly boring movie. He might have actually lowered the bar.

And I don't think people are throwing around the "genius" shit. They are simply calling it how they see it. Tarantino made a boring film. If that was his intention, congrats, but I'm not going to say he deserves praise for making a bad film like bad filmmakers made bad films 30 years ago.