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Topic subjectthat's what The Doc calls the 'Knight Rider Effect'
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361723, that's what The Doc calls the 'Knight Rider Effect'
Posted by Dr Claw, Thu Apr-03-08 11:47 AM
>Remember her and her rich girlfriends "raped" the male
>stripper. She was cold as hell.

Amelia Chase becomes Casey Novak. It's all the same actress (Diane Neal?)... but yeah, she was EVIL as Amelia.

>like 2 seasons later, she was the assistant DA. SAME CHICK,


Knight Rider was NOTORIOUS for this shit.

Ann Turkel played a recurring villainess named Adrienne. After she and Garth go over a cliff in GOLIATH...

sometime later, "Adrienne" shows up again in the next season. Bonnie shows Mike her picture, and Michael's like "never seen her before in my life."

K.I.T.T. should have been like "FOH, Michael."