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Topic subjectI've noticed a lot of them
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345428, I've noticed a lot of them
Posted by SoulHonky, Wed Jan-23-08 11:53 AM
- Omar is in at least two eps of Law & Order and both times he's a jailhouse visit LOL.
- The guy who plays Clay Davis is in at least two eps. In one of them, he's the killer and Bunk is his lawyer. (Bunk shows up in a few other episodes too)
- Idris Elba is in the one with Kerry Washington.
- Daniels is in a couple of them. Once as an African soldier.
- Pearlman has a quick cameo as a beatcop in an early season.
- Bubbles popped up in one.

And that's not including the spinoffs. I'm sure they pop up on those as well, I just don't watch them.

But the same happened with The Sopranos. Pretty much half of the working actors on the East Coast have appeared on a Law & Order somehow. Basically, if you're black or Italian, odds are you'll pop up on a crime show.