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Topic subjectTom Fontana. Dick Wolf.
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345404, Tom Fontana. Dick Wolf.
Posted by The Rapture7, Wed Jan-23-08 10:51 AM
They're the major money behind all three shows, and David Simon has been creatively behind The Wire and Law and Order...

they just really enjoy the actors they hire, so they just keep in the circle purposely...my best friend's JD Williams, and ever since he first auditioned for OZ, they've kept him in the loop...he's been on every almost every project they've been behind, like Homicide, L&O, that show The Beat they had on UPN for like a month, Third Wacth and so have guys like Kirk Acevedo, Seth Gilliam, Eammon ____ (don't remember his last name, Said from OZ), Harold Perrineau, JK Simmons, Lee Tergeson, etc...they've created an ensomble cast that they're comfortable with, and they just run with it...