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Topic subjectthe incestuous relationship between "OZ"," The Wire" and "Law & Order"
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345367, the incestuous relationship between "OZ"," The Wire" and "Law & Order"
Posted by disco dj, Wed Jan-23-08 08:52 AM
Is it just me or do these shows all have the same casting director ( who HAS to have the worst memory in Hollywood). I can't think of too many people who HAVEN'T been on all three. or at LEAST two of the three. And how ridiculous is it when an actor plays a different character on an old episode of the SAME show?

It's so ridiculous, that it's gotten to the point now where it's a drinking game. Take a shot whenever you see a character from one show on another.

use this post to name actors/characters who've been on at least 2 of the three.

I'll Start:

Seth Gilliam aka Sgt. Ellis Carver on "The Wire" aka Clayton Hughes on "OZ" aka Terrence Wright on "L&O:TBJ" he was also on 'regular' Law & Order once, but I forget the characters name.

add on, couch potatoes.