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Topic subjectRE: It was pretty dope. (Saw it 3-D)
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334064, RE: It was pretty dope. (Saw it 3-D)
Posted by Scrapluv, Sat Dec-01-07 08:23 PM
>Grendel was slaying fools, this flick would have easily been
>rated R if it were live action.
>And why the fukk did it's head pop off like that when he went
>in the cave? In the version I read he fought Grendel a second
>time and offed his head.
>Kinda homo-erotic for no reason too. "wanna come inside and
>taste the Kings meat?" W...T....F
>Not a good look when the best action scene is in the first 30
>minutes tho.

the fight with the dragon was kick ass tho