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Topic subjectI just saw the 3D Imax preview - Completely Blown Away!
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330534, I just saw the 3D Imax preview - Completely Blown Away!
Posted by noahbird, Wed Nov-14-07 03:01 AM
Let me say I'm already a huge fan of the 3D stuff that's been coming out over the last few years.

I agree this won't be nearly as good in 2D and that there's probably little emotional resonance or depth to be had in the long run, but that aside, this was one of the most bat shit insane, balls to the wall, incredible film experiences I've EVER had (and I LOVE movies). It rocked my world and I'm still shell shocked.

So, if you can, see it in 3D Imax!!!! Try and set aside expectations (I knew very little going in), don't sweat some of the slower moments, weaker performances or corny moments (that I personally loved) and just get blown away by the sheer audacity and pure entertainment of it all.