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Topic subjecti teach an af am studies course on hiphop culture
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302947, i teach an af am studies course on hiphop culture
Posted by unity, Wed Jul-25-07 03:53 PM
>droppin' science IS dated, I've heard of check the technique'
>haven't read it yet though. I may drop the passages I used
>droppin' science as a reference, it wasn't that many.

i've been using droppin' science for years now and last fall i re-read some of the essays and was just like...eh. this is soooooo outdated. there isn't really anything (that i know of) contemporary that is comparable though. there's the book "and it don't stop" i suppose, but it's not quite comparable.

>a few more books i used: Bum Rush the Page:a def poetry jam,
>and Black Noise. Soul on Ice, Women Culture, Politics(Angela

i used to use black noise in class, but my students unanimously agreed that they hated that book. go figure. they said rose was trying to hard to be intellectual.

>It was on how the Black Power Movement spawned Conscious Rap.
>I gotta upgrade my books though...

that sounds very interesting and very much in line with a part of my course. i would love to read it some time if you don't mind sharing.


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