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Topic subjectIt's quite elementary really
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302461, It's quite elementary really
Posted by JungleSouljah, Tue Jul-24-07 02:24 PM
Thread #1 was for crazy shit that happened while you were getting your copy. Or how angry you were that you didn't have a copy. Or how the book was ruining your life.

Thread #2 is the discussion thread because you can't drop spoilers in the "I just picked it up" thread.

Thread #3 (this thread) is for what to do book-wise after having finished Harry Potter. It's not really applicable to post #1 or #2, especially with the mad speculation happening in post #2.

I don't know about a 4th thread. I'm angry that I can't see it and that I'm not posting in it.

And more *hugs* for you. Remember: hugs... not drugs.