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Topic subjectactually, it was intended for you and
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302413, actually, it was intended for you and
Posted by unity, Tue Jul-24-07 02:02 PM
generally for anyone who was co-signing. i could copy and paste and re-post in another place in this thread if it would make you feel more comfortable though.

regardless of it's placement, my response was in part directed at you. there is however, no "beef".

and no, i could not have searched the boards for another post that was specifically asking for books for people who are fans of, and have just finished reading the last harry potter book. i do not have a shortage of books to read in the general sense. i am looking for some specific suggestions from some specific people.

hopefully, we can get off the subject of whether or not people think "adults" are the intended audience for harry potter and move on to a discussion amongst harry potter fans of what we might like to read now.

perhaps then, what should be deleted are all the replies that are not on the subject of the original post?


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