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Topic subjecti didn't ask you all that.
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302368, i didn't ask you all that.
Posted by unity, Tue Jul-24-07 01:17 PM
i was asking for suggestions to fill the void left for those who are fans of the harry potter series. if you yourself are not a fan, i am sad for you, but so be it. personally, as an english teacher, an avid reader and a person who has always loved a good story, i find harry potter to be engaging and uplifting in a way that reminds me of the imagination and joy that so freely flows from children and that so often gets stifled by conforming to our society's narrow definition of what it means to be "a grown up." if harry potter is just intended for children, someone might want to inform the hundreds of thousands of adults who have been reading these books from the beginning (or maybe not - we're better off in a world where adults haven't lost their sense of imagination and fantasy). if harry potter is not for adults, then just call me peter pan.


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