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Topic subjecti don't think i've pulled 5 all nighters in my life
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301561, i don't think i've pulled 5 all nighters in my life
Posted by bshelly, Sat Jul-21-07 10:58 PM
with all nighters defined as going to bed after sunrise. this was one of them. and i can't stress how happy i am i did everything--the wait in line, the marathon, finally not skipping ahead for once in my fucking life, everything. when i got home last night, it was, i think, the clearest night of the summer. i could see every star in the side, but there were those cool low hanging clouds that just sort of make it seem, well, magical. i looked up on about page 600 and realized it was starting to get light. it was one of those perfect, comfortable, cool summer mornings, EXACTLY like the last sunrise in the book.

i didn't stop for more than five minutes. cup of coffee at 10:30, start at 12:30, cup of tea around maybe 4-4:30, cup of coffee around 6:30, done at 8, re read favorite parts until 9, sleep. fucked up thing is, i slept for like 3 hours. since i got up, i wouldn't be surprised if i have alerady read the whole thing again.

it was a perfect evening. with no exageration, i can say it was one of the best nights of my life.