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Topic subjectThe official Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book post
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301408, The official Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book post
Posted by earthqueen, Sat Jul-21-07 12:05 AM
I will not spoil it here. any questions hit the in box.

I will say this...well done..
301419, Line @ Barnes & Noble = 2,000 Muggles long
Posted by emeyesi, Sat Jul-21-07 01:56 AM
301440, I was # 151, the lines moved pretty quick
Posted by earthqueen, Sat Jul-21-07 09:28 AM
Borders had a Grand Hallows Ball. I actually have video of them Rolling out the books with armed gurads...
301421, i read the leaks.
Posted by Steve O Tron v2, Sat Jul-21-07 02:05 AM
kind of skimmed everything but i got the main points.

the wiki page seems to confirm that the leak was real and i didn't learn anything new from the posting.
301424, i did too and they were false.
Posted by earthqueen, Sat Jul-21-07 02:23 AM
I didn't want to give anything away which is why you didn't learn anything new. but @ 3:30est I'm half finished with the book so if you have questions inbox them.

I personally won't post spoilers till later on in the afternoon unless someone beats me to it.
301458, I stand corrected the Wikipedia page has the correct ending
Posted by earthqueen, Sat Jul-21-07 11:02 AM
301423, I just finished the 2nd book.....
Posted by dundee, Sat Jul-21-07 02:22 AM
so I'm a newbie....real excited though to someday finally make it to the last book!
301438, well welcome to Hogwarts!!
Posted by earthqueen, Sat Jul-21-07 09:26 AM
301436, *cries*
Posted by JBoogs, Sat Jul-21-07 08:33 AM

Livin in a system - pagan
Every time you get pay - pay gone

Every Sunday come them gone altar
Preacher know the truth is what they alter
301437, what? what's wrong?
Posted by earthqueen, Sat Jul-21-07 09:26 AM
301444, dont want to spoil it
Posted by JBoogs, Sat Jul-21-07 10:03 AM

Livin in a system - pagan
Every time you get pay - pay gone

Every Sunday come them gone altar
Preacher know the truth is what they alter
301456, MAN!!!! i've edited like 32 times. But I'll let everyone catch up
Posted by earthqueen, Sat Jul-21-07 10:50 AM
301441, ok cool..this is the way it needs to be
Posted by dunk, Sat Jul-21-07 09:34 AM
i say anybody who tries to drop spoilers outside just to be assholes should get banned or something...

I think it's reasonable to have at a 2 to 3 week grace period before we post spoilers up in here. Either that or someone just make a post with spoilers.

Either way, this post should stay about how we came about getting the book, and info about prior books we'd like to talk about or news about the crazy lines, etc.
301452, I was going to post the spoilers here, but I'll make another post.
Posted by earthqueen, Sat Jul-21-07 10:45 AM
so as not to ruin it for those who wish only to discuss the book
301559, go ahead and post spoilers if you want
Posted by dunk, Sat Jul-21-07 10:40 PM
or inbo them to people, don't mind me.

I was just acting overly defensive about not getting anything spoiled.

I'll just keep my distance until i finish the book in a couple of days.
301443, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Overview
Posted by dunk, Sat Jul-21-07 09:44 AM
To freshen up peoples memories...

301451, I've finished the Book, hit the Inbox for the Spoliers
Posted by earthqueen, Sat Jul-21-07 10:43 AM
since you all want to use this one for discussion.
301454, .
Posted by earthqueen, Sat Jul-21-07 10:47 AM
301459, i'm taking my time with it and enjoying the experience
Posted by rob, Sat Jul-21-07 11:06 AM
so far so good.
301462, i couldn't help it...
Posted by earthqueen, Sat Jul-21-07 11:27 AM
I always read fast...it's an illness lol
301475, I'm at Ch. 4
Posted by Michi, Sat Jul-21-07 12:22 PM
I have a job, y'all.The Central library has 200 non-reserved copies. The line was fast and effiecient. Now I'm enjoying a day of dress-up as the black Trelawney.
301478, there was this guy there last night a real life 6*7ish tall HAGRID
Posted by earthqueen, Sat Jul-21-07 12:40 PM
scared the bejeezus outta the younguns! It was like halloween in July, lol
301492, i just finished mine...
Posted by agentzero, Sat Jul-21-07 01:36 PM
its a great book and a good finish of the series IMO

My favorite
301531, I will say this: My bootleg copy I got via Internet was right...AND
Posted by lovelyone80, Sat Jul-21-07 06:09 PM
If anyone read what I thought about Harry, I was right about that too. LOL. There are slight differences, probably last minute changes because of the leaked copies but...I would say this was a waste of my money because I had the bootleg but it's all good. There are 66 copies on amazon for sale right now.
301532, I'm so mad you actually..
Posted by Origin05, Sat Jul-21-07 06:12 PM

read the bootleg lol!
I just got my copy and I'm going to finish it hopefully by tomorrow.

PS: Had a blast last night.. hope y'all got home okay
301535, Girl...I read the bootleg of that AND
Posted by lovelyone80, Sat Jul-21-07 06:17 PM
I am about to start on the bootleg of the OJ simpson book. I didnt think the bootleg was right to be honest, and some of the chapters were missing...yeah we got home good, I was tired...it was a struggle to get up and go to the mall (thank goodness my boy works at the bookstore, holding it down for a sister). And I skimmed something crazy...I will straight up read it for real tomorrow while I am getting my hair done.
301541, hahaha.. definetly understand the tired part...
Posted by Origin05, Sat Jul-21-07 07:03 PM

I was beyond hungover this morning haha.
I just picked up my copy from Border's and have today and tomorrow to read.. I'm at the 5th chapter.. good stuff so far.

Let me know how the OJ book is as well I was wanting to read that.
301545, finished at about 8am. slept for3hrs. finishing second read now.
Posted by bshelly, Sat Jul-21-07 07:47 PM
words fail me. it's perfect.
301549, Chapter 7
Posted by Origin05, Sat Jul-21-07 08:50 PM

Anyone else want to always shake the minister of magic?
Between Fudge and now Scrimgeour... they're always in denial
301775, yeah the Ministers were wack
Posted by earthqueen, Sun Jul-22-07 10:11 PM
they wanted the Order to fail. esp Fudge cuz he always thought dumbledore was after his job.
301551, the-leaky-cauldron.org's spoiler policy (no spoilers in this reply)
Posted by bshelly, Sat Jul-21-07 09:18 PM
i was searching the boards and i thought this was funny.


OK peoples. It's just about that time: A few months away from the book. THE book. We're getting a lot of e-mails about spoilers - and not just the kind where you say, "You may not want to read my theory because it's totally a spoiler." Thanks for the warning - we had no idea Snape was a body surfer! Awesome!
Anyway, the books will soon be printed. Sometime in the next few weeks we'll hear all sorts of ridiculous things, such as:

* The book magically appeared in a field ("Phoenix": Remember how the person who found it just happened to call the ever-magnanimous tab "The Sun," who then printed a review that basically read, "Nanny-nanny-poo-poo, we've read it and you haven't"?).
* Or, a bunch of bets for Harry to live / for Harry to die came out of the town where the books are being printed ("Half-Blood Prince": Remember the bets on Dumbly?).
* Even, perhaps, that there was a pistol shootout / watergun showdown / spaghetti-slinging match over stolen copies (again, "Half-Blood Prince." That is, just the pistol part).

And then there are the little spoiler-zone pockets, which crop up in strange places. Last time, a big leak came from a librarian who decided to dig in a few days early and post the results on her journal. Bookstore workers have also been responsible for leaks (though, we understand how working in a store where unopened Potters lurk evilly can be a form of torture acceptable in old-school Salem). Before HBP's release, someone on a military base in Malaysia got hold of the book and scanned in every first chapter page, the summary, and the whole final chapter, and sent it to Leaky. Some staffers were intensely spoiled. Some staffers are still bitter. Some staffers curse this person's name.

The powers that be seem even more prepared for this spoiler scenario this time. There are talks of extreme security measures, of chains and locks and last-minute deliveries.

BRING IT, we say.

Here it is, a refresher on Leaky's spoiler policy:



Sending us spoilers will get you one place, bucko: sent to Scholastic, Christopher Little, Bloomsbury, and every JoLawyer we can think of. We don't want to see them, we won't post them, and we'd want to stop you. Book revelations aren't to be spurted out in bullet form on a message board. They're to be read, dispersed at the proper moment, given all the context of the story. This is not like the movies, which cannot contain real plot surprises for fans.

If Harry dies, we don't want to know about it until J.K. Rowling decides to tell us. And if you decide to tell us before that, you'll incur the wrath of a staff of almost 200, most of whom have been waiting almost 10 years for these final revelations and can NEVER get back the moment you rob by spoiling them. That's some wrath, right there. We own pitchforks, hot wax and feathers. And we're not afraid to use them.

If, between now and July 21, Jo or her people release a fact about the book, it will be posted on this site, but you will be heavily warned about it beforehand. We understand a lot of you want to remain super-pure from now until then. We admire you, oh white angels.

If it comes from ANYWHERE else - from ANY unofficial source - it will not be on this site. You have no need to worry. We might recognize its existence in a news story, but the actual content of the spoilage won't appear on these pages.

So, bookstore managers, librarians, and people who like to stroll in the fields next to the publishing plants: We appreciate that you feel the need to share your revelations with us. But you'd have better luck and would get a better response if you told your goldfish instead. Watch out, though - we hear the publishing companies are looking into fishbowl surveillance. Mr. FlippityFins just may be a plant.

And if you're that guy who shouted "SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE!" outside the bookshop at 12:01 a.m. on July 16, 2005? Just go away, man. Just go away. Quietly. And we won't hurt you.

Seriously: we're almost there, guys, so let's make sure we respect every other Harry Potter fan we can. It'll be worth it!
301560, 10.5 hours str8 through I was on some crack reading this book
Posted by Skyezgrrl, Sat Jul-21-07 10:41 PM
damn this was a good one. JK did her thing with this one.

She had me nervous and worried a few times.

I give the 7th year a solid 9.5 :)

301561, i don't think i've pulled 5 all nighters in my life
Posted by bshelly, Sat Jul-21-07 10:58 PM
with all nighters defined as going to bed after sunrise. this was one of them. and i can't stress how happy i am i did everything--the wait in line, the marathon, finally not skipping ahead for once in my fucking life, everything. when i got home last night, it was, i think, the clearest night of the summer. i could see every star in the side, but there were those cool low hanging clouds that just sort of make it seem, well, magical. i looked up on about page 600 and realized it was starting to get light. it was one of those perfect, comfortable, cool summer mornings, EXACTLY like the last sunrise in the book.

i didn't stop for more than five minutes. cup of coffee at 10:30, start at 12:30, cup of tea around maybe 4-4:30, cup of coffee around 6:30, done at 8, re read favorite parts until 9, sleep. fucked up thing is, i slept for like 3 hours. since i got up, i wouldn't be surprised if i have alerady read the whole thing again.

it was a perfect evening. with no exageration, i can say it was one of the best nights of my life.
301758, wow
Posted by cereffusion, Sun Jul-22-07 09:42 PM

<--- Don't Slander Me / Starry Eyes
301827, I feel you on that
Posted by Skyezgrrl, Mon Jul-23-07 02:37 AM
At one point it was about 630-7, I looked up and it was light out. I grabbbed abottled water hit the restroom and got back into it.

I love this book and I'm looking forward to the remaining movies. year 7 will be AWESOME.

I'm wondering what JK will write about next. It's going to have to be spectacular to get over the Harry Potter comparisons.

I can't even reread HP:DH I lent it to my mother in law.

301562, i want to talk about it. (no-spoilers)
Posted by rob, Sat Jul-21-07 11:02 PM
dammit. i'm vaguely uneasy.
301563, uneasy about what happened?
Posted by bshelly, Sat Jul-21-07 11:07 PM
if you read it hit the inbox. i'll gladly talk about it all night.
301573, This book was fucking awesome. 10 years of my life came to a
Posted by Night stalker, Sun Jul-22-07 12:48 AM
damn near heavenly close. I mean the store closed so perfectly i almost cried in some parts it was such a roller coaster ride of emotions. I don't know what to say i almost feel numb it's just. The fact that it's over no more Harry Potter no more late nights. No more midnight release. No more mushing little white kids for their books when they ain't even old enough to know how we felt when to truly understand the feeling of dismay and despair at the the death of Dumbledore. Or the gravity of what it meant when harry actually went into that graveyard at the tri-wizard cup. I mean it's such a bittersweet moment right now.
301813, sonofabitch!
Posted by xangeluvr, Mon Jul-23-07 01:30 AM
>No more mushing little white kids for their books when they ain't even
>old enough to know how we felt when to truly understand the
>feeling of dismay and despair at the the death of Dumbledore.

i knew i shouldn't have clicked on this thread. i just finished GoF so i had no idea. fuck. not your fault really, i should have steered clear.
301574, no spoiler but J.K. Rowling was right about the movie makers & Kreacher...
Posted by dunk, Sun Jul-22-07 12:55 AM
if they don't care for Kreacher as a character in the movie and disregard him as they are hinting, they are fucked when they try and make the seventh movie.
301578, I'm half way through...
Posted by Origin05, Sun Jul-22-07 02:03 AM

and completely in love with Kreacher in this one..
poor thing
301674, you are very right.
Posted by unity, Sun Jul-22-07 06:49 PM
i was thinking the same (even before reading 7) after seeing order of the phoenix. he is a pivotal character that really cannot be brushed aside.


*CLIMATE CRISIS: reduce your impact!*
301844, I can't see her letting them really, can you ?
Posted by Ally Al 2003, Mon Jul-23-07 06:53 AM
she's kept a lot of creative control over the movies, and now we know he has a pivotal role in this book i can't see how they can leave him out
301599, I finished 5 pm yesterday, and lemme just say this (no major spoiler)
Posted by Frank Longo, Sun Jul-22-07 10:19 AM
I am STILL stunned at the deaths. The body count, the selection of who dies...

...Rowlings' got nards.

I believe this is the best book of the series.
301608, Simply put, the book was perfect
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun Jul-22-07 11:59 AM
You might feel the camping part was drawn out and unnecessary, but JKR had to convey the feeling of helplessness that comes from being pursued by everyone and not having a master plan. The ending is fairly understandable about half-way through the book when they start talking about wands.

I'm literally on a HP high right now so it's hard to put my feelings into words.
301652, They might have to do two movies for this one.
Posted by Melanism, Sun Jul-22-07 04:49 PM
301772, Nah, just a fast-paced 3 and a half hour long joint.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sun Jul-22-07 10:09 PM
301672, i totally enjoyed it my wife read it yesterday and i started late...
Posted by Ally Al 2003, Sun Jul-22-07 06:41 PM
yesterday afternoon. I've NEVER read a book so quick lol

can't believe it's over though. Looking forward to my children being old enough to enjoy them
301858, 5 hours last night, half way through
Posted by JungleSouljah, Mon Jul-23-07 08:25 AM
My girl came back from a wedding in STL with a copy. I read book 6 last week and was trying to get through book 5 (figured I should read it after seeing the movie and realizing they had messed some stuff up... brush up on my Kreacher and Grimwauld Place knowledge). I have mad residency application stuff to finish this week, so I was gonna hit it up next week, week after. She gives me the book around 7pm yesterday and says "You might as well start it, I'm only halfway through HBP". The book is like cooked crack. Worse than any of the other ones.

I better not be on call tonight. I'm finishing it when I get home. No question.
301863, Loved it.
Posted by Ms_MynTight, Mon Jul-23-07 08:55 AM
I still cant believe this is a childrens book? really?

Everybody's got a lil light unda the sun....
302221, yeah, this one REALLY pushing the boundaries of a kids book
Posted by dunk, Tue Jul-24-07 02:49 AM
it's really suited for teenagers and up imo
302233, but if you think about it....
Posted by Blinky_Blinx, Tue Jul-24-07 05:11 AM
...most of the kids who started reading harry potter when it first came out will be teenagers now
302415, up
Posted by janey, Tue Jul-24-07 02:04 PM


It is painful in the extreme to live with questions rather than with answers, but that is the only honorable intellectual course. (c) Norman Mailer