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Topic subjectThanks to Johnbook.
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296570, Thanks to Johnbook.
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Jul-03-07 11:32 PM
As he heads on his way, I'd just like to say thanks to the man who brought me in, the man who taught me what there is to know about modding, and who taught me a TON about music along the way. Johnbook, I propose a toast... I SAID TOAST MUHFUCKAAAAAA! You couldn't ask for a nicer guy to be a mod with.
296583, On his way to where/what?
Posted by Mr Mech, Wed Jul-04-07 12:30 AM
296619, On his way out from being a PTP mod...
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Jul-04-07 08:00 AM
...lol. I just realized I phrased that funny. Yeah, he's not goin anywhere, he just ain't the PTP mod anymore.
296585, much respect due....
Posted by DubSpt, Wed Jul-04-07 12:31 AM
I just hope he gets the job around here he should have had in the first place...
296601, Salud
Posted by ZooTown74, Wed Jul-04-07 01:18 AM
thanks, John

Good luck
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296615, Cheers to one of my favorite OKP's.
Posted by DawgEatah, Wed Jul-04-07 02:29 AM

R.I.P. 3rd i
296625, *raises glass*
Posted by araQual, Wed Jul-04-07 09:45 AM
296626, well done, jb!
Posted by shockzilla, Wed Jul-04-07 09:50 AM
and so the torch gets passed again..
296638, now you can enjoy matlock and spending more time with your grandkids
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Jul-04-07 11:42 AM
salud jb
296792, he'll be missed in his mod capacities.
Posted by Nopayne, Thu Jul-05-07 02:48 AM

296831, Good work JB
Posted by Wordman, Thu Jul-05-07 09:11 AM

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296928, I'm in denial.
Posted by janey, Thu Jul-05-07 02:46 PM
I think he & shockzilla should be Mods Emeritus.


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297164, Okay, I feel better now, seeing that he's a Lesson mod
Posted by janey, Fri Jul-06-07 12:18 PM
That was a good choice, although his temperament is definitely PTP. :-)


It is painful in the extreme to live with questions rather than with answers, but that is the only honorable intellectual course. (c) Norman Mailer
297022, Props up!
Posted by biscuit, Thu Jul-05-07 08:47 PM
John is a respectable dude.
297081, I'd never even seen dude post in this joint.
Posted by Anfernee, Fri Jul-06-07 02:43 AM
Seems like The Lesson would've be the most logical choice.
297088, Cheers.
Posted by Bridgetown, Fri Jul-06-07 06:57 AM
297094, Nuff respect to John
Posted by Brooklynbeef, Fri Jul-06-07 08:04 AM
He is respected by all camps and he allows for diverse views.