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Topic subjectRE: Recommend me some books about film.
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295916, RE: Recommend me some books about film.
Posted by BlueNote, Mon Jul-02-07 01:34 AM
These are some books that I've always enjoyed and keep going back to.

Interview Series, specifically Jean-Luc Godard and Robert Altman

The Godard book has a lot of great interviews with Godard and others and even though there is a lot of craziness spoken, the fact is that I've never heard film talked about ever than I have in this book, even if you don't agree it really gets you thinking about the medium.

The Altman one has a lot of good stories. Altman was never afraid to speak his mind quite bluntly and there's a lot of good insight into his films




This is just a must have, a conversation between the two about all of Hitchcocks films, just a great read.



This is kind of a lengthy biography about Truffaut's life which is a bit of topic, but the book really made me understand the time period of the Cahiers du Cinema and the French New Wave, it's a fun read, i got through pretty quick.


Hollywood vs. Hardcore

This is a book that tracks the history of censorship and how it molded the industry. It's a very interesting book that has a lot of good stories and studies films from a social historical perspective. The stuff on the Blacklist I think is great.


Whom God Wishes to Destroy

Written by the same guy as the last one. It tracks Francis Coppola from Apocalypse now through the 80's. The book is more again about the financial side of hollywood and how it dictated the creativity and product in hollywood as the auteur renaissance came to a close and the modern structure we have today was being made. Again it's a bit off topic but I found it a great read and an interesting story about the time of Coppola's life that's never talked about even though he was very active.