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Topic subjectThe Official PTP 1/2-Way Thru '07 Favorite Moviez Post
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295639, The Official PTP 1/2-Way Thru '07 Favorite Moviez Post
Posted by ZooTown74, Sat Jun-30-07 06:54 PM
Give me your top 5 movies of the year so far, since we're officially halfway through it

If you feel like explaining why, then by all means, do so

But this is, for all intents and purposes, another list post

You'll live

I'ma come back later, but I will say that Ratatouille, Once, and Zodiac are 3 of my 5

And if you want to include test screenings for movies that are coming out later this year, then go right ahead

And with that, American Gangster has just been added to my list

Also, *edited for the Cartman voice*