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Topic subjectMr. Hood 75's 10K2 PTP post.
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294816, Mr. Hood 75's 10K2 PTP post.
Posted by mrhood75, Wed Jun-27-07 11:07 AM
I'm celebrating reaching 10,000 posts on OKP. And since my two main "homes" on this board are The Lesson and PTP, I figured I'd make a post for each one. For the past two a half years y'all have made the work day much more enjoyable. And you've caused me to sign up for NetFlix and spend waaaay too much money on comics.

So, yeah, ask me something movie, comic book, or television related. I'll try and answer. Or the post will go wood. Either one.

Oh, and if ya want free mixes check out: http://board.okayplayer.com/okp.php?az=show_topic&forum=5&topic_id=1275284&mesg_id=1275284&page=2

Thank you.