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Topic subjectTrash. i can't believe this shit is getting co-signed
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295629, Trash. i can't believe this shit is getting co-signed
Posted by navajo joe, Sat Jun-30-07 06:39 PM
If you'd have told me after the first Die Hard came out that one day they would create a sequel to it that would make me roll my eyes numerous times i would have slapped you in the mouth

this is one of the stupidest movies i've seen in a LONG time (and i'll admit not being exactly johnny logic when it comes to movies but i was so bored through most of this that i couldn't help but sit there and think about all the incongruities) and the great thing about the Die Hard movies was THEY WEREN'T FUCKING STUPID (certainly 1 and 3). this shit was an insult. the writing was so sloppy that it was painfully obvious that things worked/didn't work not as part of some plain laid out by the villains but by the lazy ass screenwriters.

they pretty much did what i thought they'd do which was strip the franchise of every single element that made it the standard for action films and turn it into, at its best moments, a standard action film.

oh, and you know what set this and Under Siege apart from the umpteen millions of copycats a great fucking villain. what did this movie give us? a a disgruntled tech geek in the body of the bartender from the Disoronno commercials.

the casting was fucking TRASH. hey remember when the die-hards were chock full of great b/c-listers and excellent character actors? it added a level of class to the preceedings here we get Justin Long (who wasn't bad), Cliff Curtis (who was abysmal and delivering his lines from the scripts of Dolph Lundgren Direct-to-Video movies), Maggie Q (whose 'kung-fu' shit was laughable), Kevin Smith (hey kevin, kill yourself), Cyril Rafaelli (who could have been interesting albeit totally from some other movie but they opted to bullshit on his showdown with McClaine. hey parkour is hot throw him in! what do we do with him? i don't know!) and then the rest of the movie was filled with government agents from 'Movie Government Agents Clearinghouse' and Henchman from 1-800-BAD-DDIE.

the action was alright but i was too bored and pissed about everything else to really give that much of a shit. and it was SO un-die hard and willis was so un-John Mclaine that it felt like i was watching another movie.

there were times where i honestly thought about walking out